"I've been to Vasarelli's on numerous occasions and it just keeps getting better and better. I went there on easter monday because a friend invited me and when I found out it was Vasarelli's I had no hesitations. The service was great, food was great, great owners, mamma Vasarelli was a fantastic host, I've met the two owners on numerous occasions and are fantastic people to talk to, especially the young man, I think his name was Michael. We were sitting across from the 'Mile End' table, we were on the couch, and I cant believe they had the nerve to complain and cry about waiting, restaurants get busy and food gets held up, if you had any brains you would appreciate the fact that they booked you in, but when I realised you were from America and it all made sense. Don't go back simple, leave the place to the locals! Keep it up Vasarelli family!"

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