Coffee at Vasarelli's

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The brand name ‘1645’ was established for the quality coffee products which were being produced. An interesting brand and concept, which reflects the history of this dark flavorsome brew.

It was in 1645 that the first coffee house was opened in Europe, more specifically in Venice, which started the spread of this liquid gold product throughout the continent.

1645 Coffee use and source only quality beans and are not price driven. They place significant importance on ethical and traceable sources via only certified companies. This ensures a product integrity which can be passed onto the customer and guarantees top end, well balanced and pure product.

1645 have teamed up with Vasarelli's and invite customers, not only to savor and appreciate the wonderful aroma’s of coffee but also to experience coffee which is part of the Italian/Australian culture.

What’s your preferred style? Here at Vasarelli's let us help you decide………

Coffee Menu

Soy & Decaf available – extra $0.60
Mugs & Double shot - extra $.0.60

Espresso (Classic Italian short black) - $3.10
Long Black - $3.60

Macchiato - $3.20

Cafféllatte - $3.60

Flat White - $3.60

Babyccino - $2.00
Served with two marshmallows

Cappuccino - $3.60

Mochaccino - $4.50

Chai Latte – $4.00

Cioccolata Italiana (Hot Chocolate) - $4.50
Served with two marshmallows

Vienna Coffee - $4.50
Long Black served in a tall glass, topped with cream

Vienna Chocolate - $4.50
Hot chocolate served in a tall glass, topped with cream

Caffé di Vasarelli - $8.00
A shot of espresso mixed with Italian chocolate and a shot of baileys, then topped up with creamy milk in a tall glass

A scoop of vanilla gelati with a double shot of espresso on the side - $5.50
With Frangelico - $8.50

Espresso Shecherato
A shot of Espresso, then shaken
together with ice - $3.60
With Frangelico - $7.60

Iced Coffee - $5.70

Milkshakes – $5.70
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Lime

Tea Pot
Loose leaf tea in a bag, all served
in self-serving tea pots
Tea for one - $3.50
Tea for two - $5.20

English Breakfast, Chamomile, Chai,
Sencha Green Tea, Peppermint, Earl Grey